About Denver Borough

The Borough of Denver is a quaint, “small town” located in Northern Lancaster County near the regional transportation hubs of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Interstate 76, PA Route 272, and U.S. Route 222. The borough initially started as a settlement called “Union Station.” In 1881, with people tiring of being referred to as a railroad station, 19 year old Adam G. Brubaker examined the records of post offices in the country and found only one with the name of Denver. The name of the area officially was changed to Denver on November 1, 1881.


On September 4, 1900, Denver officially incorporated as a borough and elected the first borough officials on October 9, 1900. A volunteer fire company then was organized on April 16, 1902. Since its inception the borough has secured its place as the second largest Denver in the United States, and with an area of 1.1 square miles, has become known as the “Mile Wide Town.”

The borough has continued to grow and prosper during the last 118 years. Industries today include manufacturers of hats, ladies knitwear, battery cables and extension cords, graphite products, woven materials, and meats. Other businesses include a feed mill, pharmacy, banks, drug store, several garages, contractors, and various professional services including a veterinary hospital.

Through a commitment to community involvement and cohesiveness, the borough continues to thrive as a place where people want to live, work, play, and invest.

Demographics (Based on 2020 U.S. Census Information)

Land Area in Square Miles
2010 Population
2020 Population
Median Age
Number of Households
Percent of Occupied Housing Units

2024Tax Rates

Real Estate
3.70 mills
Local Services Tax
Real Estate Transfer Tax
Earned Income Tax

Market Value of Real Estate - 2024

Type of Property
Non-Exempt Property
Exempt Property
$  67,476,300