Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection

The Public Works Department provides leaf collection for Borough residents on Mondays and Thursdays for a ten (10) week period during the months of October, November, and December. The Public Works Department starts collecting leaves on the northern end of the Borough on Monday and finishes the Borough by Tuesday. The Department collects leaves again starting at the northern end of town on Thursday and finishes the Borough by Friday.  Residents are requested to rake their leaves into the gutter in front of their homes and at least 15-feet from a vehicle to be collected by the Borough.

Listed below is the proposed 2020 Leaf Collection Schedule:

October 5th and October 8th
October 12th and October 15th
October 19th and October 22nd
October 26th and October 29th
November 2nd and November 5th
November 9th and November 12th
November 16th and November 19th
November 23rd
November 30th and December 3rd
December 7th and December 10th

Guide to the 2020 Leaf Collection Program

  • All pickups start on Mondays and will continue through Friday. Leaves also can be taken to the Borough Lot Composting Facility during regularly scheduled hours
  • Residents are asked to rake their leaves to the curb.  It is important that leaves are free of sticks, rocks, stumps, etc. to prevent damage to the leaf vacuum equipment.
  • Avoid placing leaves within ten (10) feet of a storm water catch basin.  Keep inlet grates clear of leaves.  Also, do not park on leaves as this may start a fire.

Please note, the Borough requests that residents remain aware of the impacts that leaves can have on the Borough’s stormwater management system, waterways, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. Please refrain from piling leaves in the gutter prior to a scheduled rain event. 

Street Sweeper and 2 Public Works Employees