Denver Community Pool

The Denver Community Pool is located at 400 Monroe Street, Denver, PA 17517.  The Pool is owned by the Borough of Denver and managed by the Ephrata Recreation Center.  The Pool's Snack Bar is operated by Happy Dog Kettle and Grill.

Denver Community Pool

The Borough of Denver is pleased to announce that the Denver Community Pool will be returning to a regular operating schedule in 2021 with opening day scheduled for Saturday, May 29, 2021. These guidelines will be implemented to keep everyone safe and healthy while at the Denver Pool.

Membership Passes and Fees

  • The Borough will begin to sell Pool passes starting Monday, April 12, 2021.  The Membership Rates and Fees have been posted on the Borough’s Facebook Page and a link to the 2021 Pool Community rates is provided below.  As in the past, all membership passes are sold exclusively at the Denver Borough Municipal Building, 501 Main Street, Denver.  Website.   Please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions, you are required to wear a mask and socially distance when entering the Municipal Building.
  • Patrons are encouraged to download the Pool Membership Application, complete and sign the application, and either email the form to or bring Membership Application to the Municipal Building to purchase a membership.

Important Guidelines

  • Patrons are encouraged to practice social distancing in all areas of the Pool including the entrance, snack bar, grounds, and water. Stay with your party and remain a minimum of six (6) feet from other individuals.
  • Patrons who are not fully-vaccinated will be required to wear a mask when entering the Pool facility.  Masks for patrons who are not fully-vaccinated are encouraged to be worn when not in the water.  Masks should not be worn in the water.
  • During the 2021 season, all Pool amenities including the Mushroom Fountain and the Pool Slide will be open.  Also, chairs, tables, and recreation equipment will be available for the 2021 season.
  • The Pool restrooms also will be open for showering and dressing during the 2021 season.
  • Non-inflatable Coast Guard approved life jackets or certified personal flotation devices or swimsuits constructed with non-inflatable flotation supports designed for the size of the child and appropriately secured may be worn in the Pool. 
  • No air-filled flotation devices and no hard toys such as water guns are allowed in the Pool.  Please note, toys may not be permitted if the Pool is too full to allow for their safe use.
  • Food deliveries from outside vendors are not permitted inside the Pool.  Patrons can bring food to the Pool, however, deliveries are not permitted.

Additional Precautions 

  • High touch areas in the restrooms, the entrance breezeway, and the pool railings and ladders will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • Lifeguards will be supplied a face mask to wear when indoors or when interacting with a patron.  Lifeguards will not wear a mask when working in a chair.
  • Per CDC Guidelines, Pool staff will be making regular announcements to keep patrons informed about policies and guidelines.

2021 Pool Schedule 

Opening weekend for the 2021 Season is Scheduled for May 29th, May 30th, and May 31st.

The Pool also will open during the weekend of June 5th and June 6th.

Beginning on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the Pool will open daily through Monday, August 23, 2021

Pool Hours

Monday through Sunday – 12:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Pool Telephone


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