Denver Fire Company

Fire services in the Borough of Denver are provided by the Denver Fire Company No. 1.  Located at 425 Locust Street, Denver, the fire company houses two (2) engines and one (1) rescue truck that are available to respond to a variety of emergencies.

In 2022, the Denver Fire Company responded to 235 calls for service. These calls included 212 emergencies, 25 working fire, and 12 extrications of victims. The Denver Fire Company also provided mutual aid by assisting 13 other fire departments. The total loss of property was $210,000.00 and the value of the property saved from loss was $245,000.00. 

The average response time was 3.9 minutes, meaning that a fire truck was responding to a call in less than 4 minutes after being dispatched by the County 911 center. This is a very good response time in that there are no firefighters “on call” at the station. Firefighters drive to the station, put on their gear and board a truck in less than four (4) minutes.

The firefighters also participated in 3,185.25 hours of training. Training includes mandated refresher courses and certification courses for new firefighters.

Using data from the National Volunteer Fire Council, a paid fire department to provide the same level of service would cost each person in the Borough at least $1,200.00. Staffed with approximately 45 active volunteer firefighters, the Denver Fire Company relies on donations from residents and businesses in the Borough to continue operation.

Denver Fire Company No. 1
425 Locust Street
Denver, PA 17517
P: 717-336-2911

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