Denver Park Annex

The Denver Park Annex is an 11-acre tract of open space/park land owned by Denver Borough and located adjacent to the Denver Memorial Park.  The Denver Park Annex consists of a Little League baseball field, a multi-use lacrosse/football/soccer field, and approximately 1,300 linear feet of the Borough’s linear walking trail.  The walking trail connects the Denver Memorial Park trail with the sidewalk located at North 9th Street and Oak Street. 

Denver Park Annex


Cocalico Creek Greenway Development Project

The Denver Park Annex-Cocalico Creek Greenway Development Project is designed to develop the existing greenway in an environmentally sound way that prevents flood damage, prevents soil erosion, protects surface water quality, improves wildlife habitat, provides educational opportunities, and blends the regions natural diversity with man-made development.

These improvements including the accessible pathway, the streambank restoration and forested riparian buffer, the rain gardens, and the site amenities, will enable the Borough to improve the quality of life in Denver, PA while we remain good stewards of our natural resources.

This Project recognizes the importance of preserving wildlife habitats, areas of botanic value, our waterways, and other natural features and has been designed to complement these areas rather than intrude upon them.

Project Timeline: January 2023 through October 2023.

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