Forms and Applications

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  1. Volunteer Position Application (Free)

    Denver Borough has a number of boards, commissions, and special task forces that are staffed by Volunteers. At various times there is a... More…

Code Enforcement

  1. Alarm Permit Application (Free)

    The Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Denver requires all burglar, fire, and/or other emergency alarm system users to apply for an... More…

  2. Solicitation Permit Application (Free)

    This Permit must be shown to each residence visited before attempting sales.

  3. Temporary Storage of Unlicensed and/or Uninspected Vehicle Permit Application (Free)
  1. Borough Composting Facility Access Card Application ($15)

    The Borough of Denver's designated site for the depositing of grass clippings, leaves, brush, tree trimming, and branches that... More…

  2. Temporary Dumpster Permit Application (Free)

    Use this form if the dumpster will be placed on the street. Use a Zoning Application if the dumpster will be placed on your property.

  3. Tree Pruning and Removal Permit Application (FREE)

    Attached is a copy of Chapter 183, Trees, from the Code of Ordinances of the Borough of Denver, governing the planting, care, and... More…

Dog Park

  1. Denver Dog Park Renewal 2022

    Use this form to renew your existing Denver Dog Park Membership, add or remove Dogs from your existing Membership or update any... More…

  1. Dog Park Incident Report

    Online form to report any incidents at the Denver Dog Park.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Denver Community Pool Application

    Emergency Information - Denver Pool Application, 2021


  1. Streetlight Problem

    Report a streetlight problem by listing the pole number and the location of the streetlight pole.

Water Complaint Form

  1. Water System Complaint Form

    Complaints from the public concerning the Borough's public water system

Yard Sale

  1. Yard Sale Permit Application

    Yard Sale Permit Application